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Ezee Star

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Symbiotic paints Ezee Star is Delicately designed interior emulsion to beautify

your walls & to breathe new life in your home. Its unique anti bacterial formula

inhibits the bacteria on walls. Easy Star is eco-friendly, wipeable & low VOC

which making the walls of your home look brighter and beautiful for long lasting.

Easy Star interior paint designed to keep your walls free of algal and fungus.

Durability                           3 Years Paint performance warranty

Features                            Pure Acrylic Paint, Anti Algal, Smooth Finish, Low VOC,

                                           Excellent Hiding

Apply                                 Plaster , Concrete , Gypsum Walls, etc

Method of application   2 Coats Primer, 1-2 Coats putty, 2-3 coats paint   

Coverage                          110-130 sq ft / liter / coat & 55-65 sq ft / liter / 2 coats

Dilution                              20-30% by volume with clean, potable water

Finish                                Smooth matt Finish 

Uses                                  Both Interior & Exterior walls

Recommended Primer Super Prima or Neo Prima

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