EZEE Shine

Symbiotic paints Ezee  Shine is a 2-In-1 multi purpose emulsion which suitable for both exterior & interior application. Its dual capability not only makes it an inexpensive exterior emulsion but a finish which lasts for 4 years against the weather to protect your walls. Interior application gives a very good washable film with superior finish.

Durability                            4 Years Paint performance warranty

Features                              Stain resistant, Water resistant, Good  Washability,   Anti-fungal & Anti algal,

Apply                                 Plaster , Concrete , Gypsum Walls, etc Method of application   For Exterior -

                                             1 Coat  Primer, 2-3 Coat Paint For Interior  -2 Coats Primer 

                                              1-2 Coats putty, 2-3 Coat  Paint     

Coverage                              110-130 sq ft / liter / coat & 55-65 sq ft / liter / 2 coats

Dilution                              20-30% by volume with clean, potable water

Finish                                Rich Sheen Finish  

Uses                                  Both Interior & Exterior walls

Recommended Primer Super Prima or Neo Prima