Symbiotic Paints Pro-shield Exterior Emulsion is a top quality exterior paint specifically designed for superior exterior protection with all weather capabilities which not only provides resistance to harsh weather but also resists dirt pick up to keep your walls clean and beautiful. Pro-shield has a beautiful & a long lasting sheen with good heat reflective properties to keep your homes cool.

Durability                 10 Years Paint performance warranty

Features                    Lamination technology, Anti-fungal & Anti algal,

                                     Heat reflective, Dirt pick up resistance, Water resistance

Apply                         Plaster , Concrete , Gypsum Walls, etc

Method of application      1 Coat Primer, 2-3 coats paint    

Coverage                          110-130 sq ft / liter / coat & 55-65 sq ft / liter / 2 coats

Dilution                      30-50% by volume with clean, potable water

Finish                          High Sheen  

Uses                 Exterior walls

Recommended Primer                     Super Prima or Neo Prima